All of you to the butterfly of the poetic heart!

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 All of you on the butterfly of the poetic heart!

October 27 at ANU — The Museum of the Jewish People will host the seventh screening of the film club “With Your Own Eyes”.

The October show is dedicated to the 105th anniversary of one of the largest tragedies of the 20th century — Revolutions of 1917. Soviet propaganda called Vladimir Mayakovsky her main singer. Director Alexander Shein assembled a brilliant group for a long work — the result was the film “VMayakovsky”, which the director will present for the first time in Israel. In the annotation to the film you can read: Actors in front of the viewer transform into the heroes of the film (the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky; women who loved him and left him; friends who admired him and retreated from him; ruthless “Knights of the Revolution” who proclaimed him their banner) …
But this is not just a film, the picture is between genres, between types of art:
“VMayakovsky” You can't call it a normal movie. More precisely, like this: a film that can be seen in the cinema, — one of the incarnations of an ambitious visual project, to which the director himself applies the word “archive”. (The Art of Cinema magazine)
Pre-premiere at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Switzerland, premiere of — at the Tretyakov Gallery: Art experiment, video performance, artistic research — all these definitions fit the work of Alexander Shein «Mayakovsky» much more than the standard “movie”. (newspaper «Izvestia»)
His (director Alexander Shein) Mayakovsky — supernova explosion; the brightest light that pierces time and space; the poet as a phenomenon, freed from the tinsel of time, the necessary signs of authenticity. (Seans magazine)
It is not necessary, however, to think that this bold experiment turned out to be favored by the audience: «Mayakovsky» shocking innovation of form and banality, if not vulgarity of meanings. («Kommersant»)
A team of brilliant artists (Chulpan Khamatova, Lyudmila Maksakova, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Mikhail Efremov…) will lead us through an intricate labyrinth to the very essence of the Revolution — poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, but will we find him in the final?

 All of you are a butterfly of a poetic heart!

19.00 – collection and a complimentary glass of wine 19.15 – opening speech and screening 21.15 – Roma Liberov will hold an open discussion with the director.
October 27, ANU – museum of the Jewish people, st. Klausner, 15, Tel Aviv. Tickets: As an advertisement

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