All gold. Static in a crazy villa in Caesarea

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 All gold. Static in a crazy villa in Caesarea

This week, Static began work on his first solo album, and in order to concentrate on the task, he settled in a luxurious villa in Caesarea for a month. For rest and relaxation, the singer and his friends will have access to a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a cinema hall, a swimming pool and other pleasures.

It is not very good for a person to be alone, but when he is alone in a villa in Caesarea, this is a completely different story. Static, who started work on his first album without his former partner Ben El Tabori, is doing so at Villa Inbal, and judging by the guests who come to see him at his creative camp (“Creative Camp”) – and especially from the photos of the villa – time seems to pass pleasantly for him.

He hosts guests who help him in his work, such as the young singer Odia, his musical partner producer Jordan Peleg (Jordi), hit writer Ron Beaton and Tringel creators Itai Shimoni and Dor Galya, in a luxury villa rented for a mini-reality show. a show that reveals life in the shadow of inspiration. In order to focus on creativity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without being distracted by anything, and to be able to wake Jordi in the middle of the night if he suddenly has an idea, he has at his disposal seven well-equipped suites, a cinema room, a sauna, a jacuzzi, snooker, massage bed and, of course, a swimming pool.

The white villa is designed in European style and is surrounded by a black iron fence and a courtyard with olive trees. In front of it are balconies with sculptural railings and a tall, dark front door. Inside, the floors are sand-coloured with a high-gloss finish, and the common space includes the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

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