Alkaline Karavaeva collection of 24 herbs

Щелочный сбор Караваева из 24 трав

According to research scientists alkaline Karavaeva collection of 24 herbs is the perfect tool for healing and rejuvenation.

As you know, all us really old – it’s our stress and negative emotions, the result of which is always excessive secretion in the body acid, burning inside the body. The more our body for life exposed to oxidation, the faster it is aging and decrepit.

As paradoxical as it sounds, one of the main poisons for us is oxygen. It has been proven that if a person is engaged in meditation, and change the rhythm of your breathing more rare and superficial in their practices, the way it rejuvenates itself.

The opposite process to oxidation is alkalization of the body, replacing the acid in metabolic processes with alkali, which can perform largely similar functions as the acid, but it does not destroys the body. Therefore, alkalization of the body is called the path to immortality of the physical body.

According to research scientists alkaline Karavaeva collection of 24 herbs is the perfect tool for healing and rejuvenation. The collection contains a set of trace elements that are missing in our daily diet and contributes to the alkalization of the body. Experimentally it was proved that if you drink collecting for 8 years, from the body of displayed absolutely all the harmful bacteria, worms, fungi and parasites.

But even at the smaller term use of alkaline collection, the benefit can not be underestimated. After all, if you consider the process of eating from the point of view of the anatomy of subtle bodies, it is essential to contact the human body and etheric bodies (i.e. weak electromagnetic fields) of those products which he uses. When you drink the 24 herbs, you give your body those necessary, healthy vibrations, which carry these herbs provide the body a source of health, of which he is deprived in an urban environment.

How to make the drink:

To fill 10 teaspoons in 1.2 liters of boiling water, couple of minutes to boil off. Give 2-3 hours to infuse. Then infusion can be put in the refrigerator, but before eating to heat or dilute with hot water.

Drink 1-2 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals.

Start infusion take 1/3 Cup half an hour before meals. 3 times a day. And then you adjust how much you should drink.

Course use
these herbs is the same as all the others: drink herb 2 to 3 months then 1 month break.

Part of the collection:

1. Birch buds
2. Bessmertnik sandy flowers
3. Valerian root
4. Oregano herb
5. Dong Quai roots
6. St. John’s wort grass
7. Centaury herb
8. Calendula officinalis flowers
9. Nettle leaf
10. Buckthorn bark
11. Linden flowers
12. Mother-and-Stepmother leaves obyknovenny
13. Peppermint leaves
14. Dandelion root and leaves
15. Psyllium sick leaves
16. Motherwort herb
17. Chamomile flowers
18. Pine buds
19. Cottonweed of Batna grass

20. Yarrow herb
21. Thyme herb
22. Sage herb
23. Eucalyptus leaf
24. Senna leaf

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