Alisa Mon hugged Larisa Dolina after the concert

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Alisa Mon hugged Larisa Dolina after the concert

The artist performed a song by Andrey Gubin at the Showmaskgoon.

Alice Mon. Photo: Global Look Press

Among the latest publications of the performer’s personal microblogging Alice Mon a joint photo of a celebrity with Larisa Dolina appeared. Colleagues in bright dresses clung to each other for a picture.

Note that Mon acted as part of the Showmaskgoon project. And the Valley became the guest star of the program.

Celebrities have known each other for a long time and respect each other’s work. Therefore, Alice Mon dedicated her speech to her friend. While singing the song “Fly away,” Mon thought of the Valley.

“How symbolic it was… I hugged Larisa and thought that her name means“ seagull ”! And I will sing about a bird … However, we are both “singing birds” and have known each other for 33 years! Just think, ”the artist shared her emotions.

Valley, in a snow-white dress with accent jewelry, tenderly hugged Mon in a bright blue dress with sequins.

Alisa Mon hugged Larisa Dolina after the concert

Alice Mon and Larissa Valley. Photo:

“You had an amazing performance! Alice, we love you, ”wrote one of Mon’s fans.

Recall earlier Larissa Valley in a black knitted suit with wide trousers and a loose-fitting sweatshirt she entered the stage. The outfit helped to hide the flaws in the figure.

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