Alina Grosu posed in a luxurious wedding dress

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Alina Grosu posed in a luxurious wedding dress

Dress from the salon of the singer's aunt.

The famous Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who until recently worked and lived in Russia, asked her fans appreciate several wedding dresses. The corresponding post appeared on her Instagram page, reports with a link to

“Dear ones, hello! Which of these dresses are you particularly fond of? How do you like the idea for me to open my own wedding dress salon? And these are dresses from the salon of my beloved aunt “, & # 8212; she asked subscribers, posting pictures from the photo shoot. In the pictures, the beauty tried on three stunning outfits at once.

The first dress is embroidered with shining twigs, the second is more like a queen's dress with gold lace, and the third is all in flowers and lace.

“I wonder if I sell a one-room apartment (Mariupol), I can afford to rent it & # 8230; for an hour?”, & # 8212; one of the subscribers commented on what he saw with incomprehension.

“It is unlikely that an ordinary nurse will be able to afford it, this is just a fairy tale”, & # 8212; adds another.

“Some are definitely cheaper than an iPhone,” & # 8212; with her inherent sense of humor, the singer responds to the remark.

“Dress covered with gold. I thought you were already getting married, I was already delighted “,” If this is to your liking, then why not !!!! All the dresses are very beautiful “,” If you open your own salon, then when I get married, I will definitely buy a dress from you “, & # 8212; loyal fans of Alina Grosu write, commenting on her efforts.

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