Alina Grosu admitted defects in appearance: “was bullied as a kid”

Алина Гросу призналась в дефектах внешности: "в детстве издевались"

Early popular singer Alina Grosu compared with the Pekingese

The young actress recently decided on plastic surgery. The change in her appearance struck fans and caused a lot of rumors. In the program “Morning with Ukraine” she commented.

As it became known, the singer has reduced the nose and corrected the shape of the cheeks. Many fans have concluded that she went overboard with surgical procedures. Especially observant social media users claimed that Alina Grosu removed breast bisha from his cheeks. According to the celebrity, not all of it is true.

Алина Гросу призналась в дефектах внешности: "в детстве издевались"

“I’ve changed, I absolutely accept. But not as much as everyone says. My cheeks still remained, they have not gone away. Well, stretched a little. No breast was not removed. In the childhood me all scoffed, I had a very small nose. If you look at childhood photos or videos — God, Pekingese, ” said the girl to journalists.

Alina Grosu admitted that he sometimes difficult to accept criticism of their appearance. The individual statements hurt hurt her feelings. Especially if the singer tried to look on the photo as more attractive. For example, make beautiful pose.

Often these efforts prove futile. Fans and friends beskompromissno claim that the real Katy Perry looks much more attractive. The star said in an interview: “Even my boyfriend says that real I am the best”. A young man named Alexander singer meets for four years. Recently, Katy Perry even hinted at the impending wedding.

Алина Гросу призналась в дефектах внешности: "в детстве издевались"

Earlier, Katy Perry talked about his new TV show. She plays the Light in the TV series “secret love,” which premiered in January on TV channel “Ukraine”. Television made 16 episodes in conjunction with Star Media organization.

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“Secret love” is a Ukrainian adaptation of the Korean format. In the center of the plot – the life of the Luba Zatsepina. It intertwined dreams, hope, idyllic plans, as well as the betrayal, trial, and overcome all in the name of love.

Alina Grosu enthusiastically shared in social networks emotions from his work on the series:

Well all…today is the end of our story. I hope this picture is found in your heart response… entertained or helped to clear my mind, inspired by a good deed or reminded you that you, in fact, the happiest person… if Yes, then all is not wasted. To be honest, after two months of continuous tears, and for the entire series, I had the strength of 2 scenes where I didn’t cry.

Recall, Katy Perry hit the network new photoshoot: “I is first”.

As reported Politeka, Grosu admired the acting in the new series.

Also Politeka wrote that “pregnant” Grosso lifted the veil of private life.

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