Alexander Maslyakov called the creation of the TV project “Game” immoral

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Alexander Maslyakov called the creation of the TV project “Game” immoral

The host of KVN is not going to sue the creators of the new project.

Alexander Maslyakov. Photo: Russian Look.

The head of KVN Alexander Maslyakov spoke about the new show “Game” on TNT, which is suspiciously similar in format to the “Club of the cheerful and resourceful”. The 79-year-old presenter told reporters that he himself did not see the new program, but he heard about it from colleagues.

“They take a project that has existed for many years and mold it for a lot of money,” the elder Maslyakov commented on the actions of the creators of the “Game”. – I’m not that ashamed of them, although it is immoral, in my opinion, in relation to hundreds of thousands of young guys who are interested in this game. It is immoral to place such bets in order to play KVN, do you understand? “

The presenter noted that those who make a new show once left KVN themselves, but today they do not feel gratitude for the game that made them popular. But, despite his criticism, Maslyakov is not going to sue the authors of the new show.

“If you are going to litigate, then the channel should probably do it. Obviously, this is a tracing copy of the format, made for another channel. Personally, I’m not going to sue anyone. I’m going to spend the energy that God has left for me on a work that I love and in which I see the meaning “, – quotes Alexander Vasilievich”TVNZ».

Recall that in the show “Game” teams from popular comedians are fighting for a large cash prize. Their humor is assessed by former KVA players Garik Kharlamov, Garik Martirosyan and others.

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