Alena’s horoscope: Success in work is with Leos, Virgos disappointed by traitors

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Alena’s horoscope: Success in work is with Leos, Virgos disappointed by traitors


Difficulties in communication caused by haste and reckless talk prompted by retrograde Mercury can confuse your plans for the day. It is better to delve into your official duties and think before you speak and criticize. Expect revenue information that will allow you to take ventures. In the evening, forget about your professional duties and indulge in entertainment. Go to a party or restaurant with your partners and family. After dinner, indulge in unforgettable sexual pleasures. If you do not have a loved one, it is better not to risk intimacy with casual partners just because you do not want to be alone.


Initiatives will not bring you success, but will become a cause of financial losses. Rest in peace. Rely on your routine and knowledge, as required by retrograde Mercury. Impose moderation in everything, including your demands when conducting conversations, so as not to create problems with your business partners and colleagues. Be careful, especially if you have to repair the roof structures in your home and you, purely feminine, want to be useful! Accept that this is your partner’s job. Spend the evening with your family. Prepare a delicious dinner. Sex will relieve you of tension and restore your strength.


Your luck is cheating and you can’t count on miracles. However, if you are far-sighted enough, you can get the most out of the workplace. Businessmen and people who are engaged in entrepreneurial activity today in planned talks before the end of the year reap successes they did not expect. Their self-esteem at the end of the month is high. Family members should be moderate in their claims towards their spouse, and if they have a stable intimate relationship, they should not overdo it with their jealousy. Single people can expect a romantic date and sexual pleasures.


You have no desire to work, but if you have not finished the lagging behind due to the command of Mercury, it is good to do so. Unexpected costs related to purchases for your children or treatment of relatives are not excluded. Postpone scheduled business calls. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Discretion is mandatory. You are in love and wonder if it would be right to share your feelings today. You worry if they will answer you with the same. Families should not miss the moments for themselves and indulge in sexual pleasures.


Do not make hasty and ill-considered decisions, be patient and think so as not to create problems during the retrograde motion of Mercury. Do not be impulsive and you will cope with the difficulties along the way. Success in the workplace is with you. Carefully consider the proposal for a new job. Beware of deteriorating relationships with your loved ones. You feel misunderstood because they are not ready to accept that they need free funds for the repairs they want to do. Think about whether you made a mistake that forced your intimate partner to distance himself from you and deprive you of sex.


You’re frustrated with people you wanted to help get out of the crisis in your personal life at all costs, but they not only didn’t thank you, they’re trying to hurt you at work, but they’re actually hurting themselves, due to the retrograde motion of Mercury. Businessmen should think carefully about their plans and decide whether to hold investment talks. Conflict is brewing in the family with your children who are meeting inappropriate friends. Pay attention to them and calmly solve the problems that bother you. Your love affair is in crisis if you are not yet married. You are about to be separated because of a dissimilarity in temperament and sex life.


Keep calm in the workplace if you find yourself wrong and criticized. Happens. Correct your mistake today so that there are no surprises in the retrograde motion of Mercury. Take on your tasks and keep quiet if they try to make you angry for no reason. Funding for new projects is not desirable. In the evening, be with your family and your spouse. Do not invite guests so as not to irritate the atmosphere. Do not miss intimate conversations and sexual pleasures.


Be careful when talking to your colleagues, especially about Mercury’s retrograde motion. At the end of the working day, a conflict with business partners with whom you have ended your relationship is not excluded. Initiatives are successful if they are well thought out in advance. Expect excellent and enviable financial returns. There are quarrels in your family because of your next delay. Don’t try to make excuses. If you do not return in time, give up the hope of sexual pleasures.


Be self-critical to realize your own shortcomings and fill in the gaps in your knowledge, supported by retrograde Mercury. The extra work will burden you. If you want to completely change your business, don’t do it today. You find it difficult to cope with your responsibilities at work and you are depressed. You do not intend to apologize to your intimate partner, even if you are the cause of the misunderstanding between you. Your sexual relationship is in crisis, which will last as long as you show your female stubbornness.


The new proposals for professional realization should not make you dizzy, because it is possible that they will be misleading in the retrograde motion of Mercury. You better not leave your current job. You will be able to deal quickly with professional difficulties. It is up to you to find the right path to future success. In personal relationships, the problems are due to the reluctance of your partners to agree with you and the constant absence from home, for which you have no excuse. If you remain silent and do not try to force your opinion, you can avoid deprivation of sexual moments.


The losses you can cause on this day are the cause of problems with your loved ones. Be flexible and responsible for everything you do because of Mercury’s retrograde motion. You can gradually rebuild relationships with your business partners that you abandoned some time ago for unknown reasons. Again, you are overwhelmed with doubt as to whether you are sufficiently attached to your intimate partner or whether you need to separate. Once you have doubts about your feelings, it is better to give yourself a temporary break and give up sex.


You are nervous, uncommunicative and aggressive towards people. Your colleagues are also subject to reproaches and insults. Control yourself! Put up with patience and calm so that you don’t mess with everyone and lose the chance to be supported when needed, especially if this happens in Mercury’s retrograde motion. In personal relationships, problems with your partners are possible due to their unwillingness to understand your concerns. Your sexual relationship is being restored.


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