Alena’s horoscope: Retrograde Mercury protects you from mistakes Aquarius, Pisces do not impose their opinion

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Alena’s horoscope: Retrograde Mercury protects you from mistakes Aquarius, Pisces do not impose their opinion


Be sensible and remember your responsibilities. Assess your capabilities correctly. Stabilize your positions. Business meetings will not bring you success, even if you are well prepared. Do not try to cheat, because in retrograde Mercury only with correctness and generosity will you succeed. In the evening, do not carry your bad mood in the family or with your loved ones. If you are too obsessed with your professional problems, sex will not give you pleasure.


Take time to reevaluate the past days and your successes and failures. Avoid obstacles due to participation in risky investments. Difficulties protect you from mistakes. You may be wrong in your judgment of humans in Mercury’s retrograde motion. Reap material success by successfully completing a task. Do not expect to quickly resolve the misunderstandings that arose for no reason in the morning between you and your intimate partner. The reason for the lack of desire for sexual pleasures lies in your behavior, which you need to change.


Be prepared to make changes that you planned ahead of time, but not impulsively. Rely on yourself. Start new activities in the afternoon. Be especially careful, Mercury is retrograde. Reap success in the workplace. You enjoy understanding and find support for your ideas. Relationships with your loved ones calm down. Be careful not to offend anyone with your thoughtless words. If you want to indulge in pleasant intimate pleasures, sex will work well for you.


On this day, do not force the natural course of events, because Mercury is still retrograde. Despite your desire for contacts, it is better to be at work and concentrate on your work. You must defend your position by all fair means. The talks were not successful. It will be difficult to prove the correctness of your opinion. Your personal life requires you to change your behavior and take more care of your intimate relationships. Manifestations of jealousy are not excluded, dear ladies. Your sexual relationship is once again in crisis. The reason is in your whims and eternal dissatisfaction.


You have a difficult day ahead of you, but if you work with your colleagues, success is with you. A change in your mood and behavior will cause enemies to harm you with intrigue. Don’t make important business decisions. Your own actions may turn against you. In your work, rely mainly on yourself, especially in the requirements of retrograde Mercury. Today is the time to make sure you harmonize your family relationships. Be sure to enjoy the intimate moments. Sex will give you mutual pleasure if you have loved ones around you.


Do not expect professional success if you are not prepared. You tend to accept any tempting offer that seems profitable to you. You are in danger of wasting the whole day. Concentrate on your main task and turn what you have planned into reality. Combine change with your reasonable actions, but do not contradict retrograde Mercury. You will find your soul mate if you have not met her yet. You will fall in love at first sight. Expect problems in intimate relationships. Sex with your new partner is allowed if you are sure of their feelings.


Today it is in your best interest to stabilize what you have achieved so far and not to ruin your relationship in the workplace. Don’t let them distract you from important tasks. Have business meetings in the morning. In the afternoon, side effects will prevent you from realizing your plans. Do not make spontaneous decisions because of the command of retrograde Mercury. The day favors the creation of a family, the establishment of harmonious family relationships. Your sexual relationship is harmonious if you control your feelings and are not picky in bed.


Beginnings are successful if you do not allow hasty actions. Despite the difficulties, your work is controversial. Be careful with expenses to avoid financial problems in the coming days. Conversations in your workplace are successful if you do not impose your opinion and do not argue in the still retrograde motion of Mercury. The women are about to have a romantic date. Communicating with your loved one is loaded with a lot of positive emotions. Delight your intimate partner with a beautiful bouquet and champagne. Sex will relieve you of tension.


They will make you angry because of requests you don’t have time for. Do not rely on a quick truce and do not make promises for later fulfillment of the wishes of colleagues and relatives. Take care of your routine duties at work. Don’t rely on change. Revenues are possible, although not large. Do not rush with investments, and retrograde Mercury forbids them. In the evening, go home and get ready for a romantic date. Lovers to share their feelings. Your sex life requires you to be more active and not worry about the variety that pleases your loved ones.


You are about to meet on this day, full of sudden changes in mood and change in relationships with your partners. Don’t take any chances. Rely on your intuition. The advice of friends or the interference of business partners in your work will lead to stagnation, especially in non-compliance with the requirements of retrograde Mercury. Find the shortest way to the hearts of the people you are in love with and share your feelings today. Sex gives you pleasure if it is mutually desirable. If you are married, do not cheat, because they will reveal you.


Work hard because you are woven of emotions and lose your sense of reality. Business meetings and communication are difficult. The day will seem boring, time passes slowly, but so retrograde Mercury protects you from mistakes. Avoid meeting new business partners and talking to strangers. You have no desire to take on the endeavors you have been considering. Do not think that your loved ones will guess how you feel about them. You risk moving them away. Your sexual relations are harmonious, but you tend to show aggression that your intimate partner will not like.


Patiently wait for the changes to take place in order to save yourself problems and mistakes due to neglect in both personal and professional relationships. Do not try to impose your opinion. Don’t just think about money and more money if you want to save yourself losses. Your business contacts are also disappointing because of the intervention of retrograde Mercury. Protect yourself from conflicts with your loved ones. Do not ruin the restored harmony in your relationship. Create pleasant emotions, indulge in intimate moments and desired sexual pleasures with your loved ones.


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