Alena’s horoscope: Libra to limit their expenses, Scorpios not to rely on their luck

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Alena’s horoscope: Libra to limit their expenses, Scorpios not to rely on their luck


Do not expect news about the eagerly awaited financial income, because the blockages also come from your mistakes in retrograde Mercury. New job offers will pleasantly surprise you and tickle your self-esteem. If you act hastily, you may soon regret leaving your well-paid job. In the evening, a quarrel at home is not ruled out because of your unwillingness to shop in the afternoon. End your relationship with relatives who are trying to harm your personal relationship. Smooth out misunderstandings and do not deprive yourself of the sexual moments that belong to you despite the envy of others.


You should not allow financial losses due to overconfidence. Planned conversations may be unnecessary if you are not willing to compromise on the considered endeavors, despite the prohibitions of the still retrograde Mercury. Those of you who are in leadership positions, do not show aggression towards your subordinates and do not impose new rules of conduct right now. In the evening, create pleasant emotions, invite guests or go to friends. Sexual pleasures are the natural end of the evening.


You feel that you have been deliberately burdened with unbearable duties, but they are part of your old and unfinished tasks, which it is time to complete because of the retrograde motion of Mercury. If you focus your efforts on your tasks at work, you will succeed. In distraction, you are capable of making mistakes that will affect your credibility as a professional. There is no way to avoid problems in your family. Be accommodating if you are asked to do some work at home. In the evening, do not miss the sexual pleasures.


You encounter serious difficulties in communication. Change your approach to your colleagues according to the requirements of non-retrograde Mercury. The reason is in your haste and your reckless talk, with which you have touched them. You run the risk of losing support. You are not happy that you are assigned tasks that you do not like, but you have to accept them and complete them by the end of the working day. Your loved ones are surprised by the sudden change in your mood and try to calm you down. Share your concerns with them. In the evening you are not at all set for sexual pleasures, but it is in your favor at least to indulge in intimate conversations and rest.


You are doing well with your job, even though Mercury is retrograde. You have been hoping for a long time to discover new opportunities for professional performance and you are expecting money that does not transfer you for a long time. Control your emotion, because it can prevent you from making the right decision and cause your failure instead of success. You are not tempted by charming admirers and refuse their invitations to dinner. Their resentment will be an occasion for intrigue for your dishonesty. Prove to your intimate partner that the truth is different to avoid separation or lack of sexual pleasure.


Although you are ready to isolate yourself from the world, dating will become the basis of future business partnerships looking for retrograde Mercury. The day is favorable for the beginning of repairs in your office, but it is better to just buy what you need and start it next week. Be careful not to run into financial difficulties. If you run a private business, success will be with you. In the evening, expect a romantic date that will make you happy, because it helps you avoid loneliness these days, if you are not married and do not have a loved one next to you. Do not miss the intimate moments and sexual pleasures.


Do not borrow, but limit your expenses, because of retrograde Mercury. There will be no shortage of difficulties on your way. Some of them are related to your new acquaintances. Be prepared to reject urgent business tasks. Do not engage in investments that are offered to you on this day, because luck is not on your side at all and you will fail. Relationships with your loved ones are unstable due to jealousy on the part of your spouse. You know very well why this is happening. It is possible to get away with sexual pleasures. unmarried people should not refuse acquaintances and meetings.


Be careful in everything you do at work and do not rely on your luck. Do not make hasty and ill-considered decisions at the end of the month, especially in the retrograde motion of Mercury. You receive offers that are not in your favor, but you will have to accept and accept them. You should not be impulsive in deciding to change jobs. In the afternoon you will be preoccupied with the problems of your loved ones. They seem serious, but they shouldn’t bother you at all. Expect a guest from abroad. By interfering in a family dispute, you will deserve the greater affection of your partner. In the evening, indulge in sexual pleasures.


They may blackmail you into helping your friends with money without them asking for it in person. Under no circumstances give loans! Beginnings are undesirable because of Mercury’s retrograde motion. Do not exceed your capabilities and do not postpone important conversations, although they will be difficult and without a chance to reach a compromise. Do not hesitate to offer a trip to your loved ones, for which you will be the initiators, dear ladies. In the evening, visit your favorite place, and then indulge in sexual pleasures. When you get home, discuss your suggestions and plan your travel time.


If you are celebrating in the evening because of a family or your personal holiday for success, do not work hard during the day, and Mercury is retrograde. You will realize that the month has been successful for you, but it seems to you that difficulties and problems lie ahead. Think about your long-term and immediate goals. Family women should not lose the attention of their loved ones and share their problems with them. Sex can relieve you of stress during the day and erase the frustrations you have experienced.


You do your job quickly and easily, despite Mercury’s retrograde motion. You will have a successful job and well-deserved future financial income. Do not be distant in communicating with your colleagues. Do not provoke losses just because something else, unrelated to your official duties, occupies your thoughts. In intimate relationships, you will succeed if you do not cheat and save yourself the boasting about how you are courted and desired. Your behavior is also projected on the sexual desires of your intimate partner.


If you have time in the morning, take a walk in the park to enjoy the beauty of nature, no matter what the weather. Do not rush to fill out financial contracts if you do not agree with your share of participation and remember that Mercury is retrograde. Be flexible and, if necessary, cancel the planned deal you wish to conclude at the beginning of next month. Traveling to a nearby restaurant in nature with your loved ones is a way to relieve stress, dear ladies. In the evening, indulge entirely in your feelings and sexual pleasures.


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