Alena’s horoscope: Libra should not refuse dating, Scorpios should accept a challenge

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Alena’s horoscope: Libra should not refuse dating, Scorpios should accept a challenge


Analyze the words of your new business acquaintances so that you do not experience another, but not the last disappointment that comes to you because of the retrograde motion of Mercury. Changes will complicate your relationship in the workplace because you are not ready for them. I do not recommend traveling. Expect information about future material successes. Married women can indulge their feelings and travel with their loved ones. Single people should be careful with dating. If you don’t know your new partners well, sex can disappoint you.


In the morning, take seriously the tasks that help you carry out your professional plans, following the orders of retrograde Mercury. Your meetings and negotiations are successful, as are your business trips. Your financial success is certain, thanks to your new business partners and the people who support you. Prepare, dear ladies, that the new romantic passion will be disappointing. It is better to distance yourself immediately. Your sexual relationship with your new partners is seemingly harmonious, but you feel hurt and offended by not complying with your desires.


Be especially careful when working with documents and do not put your signature today, because you may be misled if you stand against the requirements of retrograde Mercury. Beware of fraud and self-delusion professionally. Do not be overconfident if you are persuaded to join a charity campaign. Conflicts are possible in your personal life, followed by a sharp change in relationships. Your sex life is not harmonious. Give up the intention to indulge in sexual pleasures.


A calm and harmonious day awaits you, as long as you do not overdo your requirements. A trip that you will have to make in the afternoon will be tense and involve unpleasant conversations that you have to have if you are unreasonable, because Mercury is retrograde. Difficulties are caused by side factors, inevitable and unpredictable, so it is not worth it. you get angry. Protect yourself from problems with your spouse. Do not react aggressively to his accusations that you have been away from home all day. In the evening, try to forget about the quarrels and indulge in pleasant sexual moments.


Your results in the workplace are excellent. On this day, positive changes in material terms await you, but you may also experience disappointments due to the retrograde motion of Mercury. All business meetings are successful. Your intuition grows. Make your plans come true. Success is with you if you are involved in a creative profession. Take the opportunity to find support for your ideas. Do not allow quarrels in the morning if your partner has not heard who and what you are talking about. In the evening, indulge in your feelings and pleasant sexual pleasures.


In the morning, meet an influential acquaintance. Expect misunderstandings and disagreements, but if you do not succumb to emotion and remain silent, they will pass without consequences, and despite Mercury’s retrograde motion, it will do brilliantly. Don’t spoil your mood. When discussing professional issues, do not argue or pick. Business meetings are difficult. Communicating with your relatives is not favorable until noon. Do not contradict, do not speak loudly and avoid insulting remarks. Do not arrange romantic dates. Sex will not give you pleasure.


Make the planned business meetings and do not refuse dating because of the retrograde Mercury. You are active and confident in the workplace. You rejoice in the dreamed successes in the endeavors you are starting today. From business, your relationship can become intimate. You will not miss pleasant news and interesting experiences. It may seem to you that a new crisis has occurred in the relations with your loved ones, but this is your opinion, which does not correspond to reality. Do not worry about problems with the intimate partner, who will greet you with a romantic dinner and a desire for sexual pleasures.


Do not get angry, but accept the challenge if your day is difficult and prove that you can handle everything. Mercury is retrograde and stimulates your foresight. Workplace problems are temporary and will be resolved quickly. Expect material success. Pay attention to the people from your new business environment and find in them useful positive qualities. In the evening you will enjoy good news from afar. Relationships in your family are normalizing. Your sex life requires you to be in a good mood so that you don’t take your loved ones away again.


You are calm at work, but overconfidence hurts you because you fail to note the mistakes of your colleagues, which you then always have to correct. Deepen your duties so as not to make mistakes in the retrograde motion of Mercury. Your endeavors should be tied to useful business acquaintances. Single people will meet the right partner, but once again they will overdo their pretensions, which can immediately ruin the acquaintance. Do not expect harmonious sexual relations if you have cheated and been exposed.


Everything you start brings you problems on this day, so I advise you to forget about the endeavors and follow the dictates of retrograde Mercury. Haste is to your detriment, despite your desire to deal more quickly with the delay imposed by difficulties. Routine will help you cope with your tasks. Don’t underestimate it. Do not enter into love relationships, so as not to suffer after the disappointment falls on your heads. Sexual pleasures with unfamiliar partners will bring you serious problems.


Today you are tempted to change and travel. They give you tempting suggestions for endeavors. Do not delay your answer for a long time, as you also have the support of retrograde Mercury. You will invest a lot of energy in developing a new creative project. Even if you face difficulties, they are easily overcome. You enjoy shared feelings and harmony in personal relationships. Do not cheat. The desire to shine in front of your intimate partner with amazing sexual experiences is not an occasion to talk about the experience with other intimate partners.


You can raise funds for a charity on this day, but according to the warnings of retrograde Mercury. Do not rush to work. Mistakes due to your overconfidence are not excluded. Conduct scheduled calls. All endeavors will be successful if you believe in your strength and do not scatter. Avoid romantic dates, because jealousy, problems in personal relationships and quarrels are possible. Your incorrect attitude towards your loved ones and sex with your old love will irritate your loved ones and a scandal will break out.


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