Alena’s horoscope: Leos to avoid quarrels, positive material changes for Virgos

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Alena’s horoscope: Leos to avoid quarrels, positive material changes for Virgos


Do not allow anyone to force you to finish your work quickly, because the quality will not be good and you will be exposed, and do not miss the fact that Mercury is in retrograde motion. You will be worried about problems with colleagues and business partners. Disappointments are not excluded. Business conversations are successful if they are held in an informal setting. Harmony is restored in your personal relationships. You are happy to be loved and loved again. Sexual moments guarantee you the stabilization of intimate relationships.


Your business partners share with you their ideas for expanding your business, but without concluding financial deals, because retrograde Mercury forbids them. Evaluate them well before agreeing with them and launching a campaign to promote them. Excessive activity in the workplace harms you. The pursuit of success and your desire to solve all your tasks quickly leads to mistakes. Do not rush into anything. Family problems, quarrels with the spouse or intimate partner are possible. Once again, you risk ruining your sexual relationship.


Consider whether to take a business trip abroad or take up your business, although there may be no restrictions, especially with Mercury’s retrograde motion. Your decision to make career changes is in your favor. Communication with your colleagues is harmonious. Do not rush into your actions. A business meeting is waiting for you, which you will remember with the achieved success, but also with a pleasant feeling. The day is perfect for socializing with the family. Indulge in pleasant moments with your loved ones. In the evening, decline the invitation to visit and create a romantic atmosphere.


To succeed and be happy with yourself, do not overestimate your capabilities on this day and do not overdo yourself, because fatigue hurts you. Avoid risky deals, and comply with the restrictions imposed by retrograde Mercury. It is in your best interest to be patient, calm, confident and to go deeper into your tasks. Think about whether you are wrong to refuse extra work. If you are not married, dear women, you have the opportunity to start a family or meet the right partner. Remember to create pleasant emotions for your intimate partner. Don’t miss the sexual moments.


Problems with your colleagues are not ruled out, because of their attempt to interfere with your work, although Mercury is retrograde and that you help them as well. If you are careful and avoid quarrels, success is with you. Don’t trust strangers just because you like them. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to your bosses. Fate gives you a chance to create a harmonious family. If you’ve already created it, it’s time to think about children. Married women can indulge in sexual pleasures without hesitation. Single people should be careful if they have only met the right partner today.


Today you are going to experience positive changes in material terms, related to additional work. Don’t let them interrupt you while you work to get rid of your obligations faster, supported by Mercury in its retrograde motion. Business talks are successful. Travel if you are given such an opportunity. Your personal relationship stabilizes if you are not nervous and grumpy. Your loved ones hope you will be together all day. In the afternoon, your desire for intimate experiences grows. Do not deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.


Stabilize what you have achieved without investing emotion. Don’t start new tasks because of Mercury’s retrograde motion. The work will not bring you the expected results. Do not be angry at your failures, because they are temporary, and with anger and nervous tension you will not achieve anything. Business meetings and conversations are unsuccessful and it is better to postpone them. Harmony in your family relationships depends on your behavior. Be generous with your feelings. Do not suggest that you are not in love enough and indulge in your true feelings and desired sexual pleasures.


Without hesitation, make the necessary official changes, even if you have to dismiss subordinates. Expect the results of the achieved material successes after some time. Casual business acquaintances will not disappear without a trace and will be useful to you. You are able to gain recognition, despite Mercury’s retrograde motion. Problems in family relationships and overt rude behavior are possible, which will irritate others and cause quarrels. Sexual pleasures are in your dreams, but you risk losing them.


Get ready in the morning for intentional difficulties at work. Do not argue with your colleagues, but explain to them that you will find a way to cope, and Mercury is retrograde and brings additional problems. It is possible, despite the obstacles, some unexpected, to have success and learn about the upcoming stable income. You need solitude to decide whether to start a family or you are not yet ready to take on this responsibility. Married women can indulge in their feelings and sexual moments.


Active work on this day is not favorable for you, because Mercury is in its retrograde motion. Quarrels at work are not ruled out because of unpleasant business meetings and conversations from the previous days, which you are discussing today and your colleagues are boiling with rage. You do well with your tasks. Don’t go overboard with criticism. Luck is not with you. In order not to create problems with your spouse, take care of your family responsibilities. Your aggressive behavior due to the unwillingness to help your loved ones in response will lead to their unwillingness to have sexual pleasures.


You are tense because of difficulties you did not expect. Work slowly, and retrograde Mercury will help you cope. Keep quiet and you will earn the respect of others, especially your colleagues and superiors. Don’t be demanding. Try to avoid disputes and conflicts and do not pay attention to critical remarks addressed to you. The day is not good for marriage, as well as for the harmonization of family relations, because it can turn your life in a negative direction. In the evening, if you are married or seriously engaged, do not deprive yourself of solitude with your intimate partner and active sex.


Before noon, do not rush to criticize your colleagues, because Mercury is retrograde, nor with the desire to shine with the abilities they value without forcing them. You create a precondition for official conflicts due to the impossibility to react calmly. Start new activities. Do not contact people outside your family. Avoid quarrels caused by intrigues of your neighbors. The suspicions of infidelity are unfounded. Do not deprive yourself of harmony in your sex life.


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