ALEKSEEV told what should be his wedding

Nikita Alexeev is credited with an affair with Ulyana Sinickas

Not so long ago in the network appeared rumors that the Ukrainian singer Nikita Alexeev is Dating a member of the group “VIA Gra” Ulyana Sinickas. The reason was a video which depicted a couple embracing on a yacht, writes the with reference for Today.

On the question of whether they occur or not, Nikita replied ambiguously: “maybe, Maybe not, who knows. Well, if to speak frankly, I am very, very cautious about his personal life, so I’m always so reluctant to talk about it”.

And recently, ALEKSEEV became the guest of the program “Glory” and told him what should be his wedding.

During the interview, the artist shared his thoughts on the upcoming wedding.

“I need emotions, I need inspiration that will inspire me that will give me an incentive. Of course, to have such romantic emotions are the food that helps me later in his work”, – said the singer.

According to Nikita, his wedding would be held in a narrow circle of people.

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But talk about the relationship with Ulyana Sinickas Nikita did not comment: “it seems to Me that now is not the time to talk about the relationship”.

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