Alec Baldwin: “I'd kill myself if I felt guilty”

Alec Baldwin:

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin was interviewed by ABC News about the tragedy that happened on the set of Rust. Recall that the actor was holding a weapon that fired. This shot was fatal for cameraman Galina Hutchins.

In an interview, Alec Baldwin said that he did not feel guilty about what happened.

“No, no. I could kill myself if I considered myself guilty, and I don't say it lightly, '' the actor replied to a journalist's question about whether he feels guilty.

Baldwin admitted that the situation is still pressing on him, he even dreams about that day.

“I constantly dream about this. I am being destroyed emotionally, '' said Alec Baldwin.

Let us remind you that earlier Alec Baldwin said that he did not pull the trigger of the pistol that fired a shot at Galina Hutchins.

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