Alcohol or marijuana: doctors have found that the more harmful

Алкоголь или марихуана: медики выяснили, что вреднее

What kills cognitive functions of the brain.

Researchers from the University of Montreal analyzed as alcohol and cannabis affect cognitive function in adolescents. And also proved that the use of drugs impairs the ability to adequately understand, to learn, to understand and to perceive external information, reports the with reference to the channel 24.

The experiment involved 5% of all students, and it is only 3826 seventh graders Montreal.

For four years the children were tested for alcohol and cannabis, and their cognitive function was assessed using computerized tests, said CAN.

What is cognitive function ?
It is the function of the Central nervous system, without which you lose the identity of the person. With the help of it people can understand, to learn, to explore, to realize, to perceive and process external information .

Finally, the researchers found that the use of psychoactive substances such as cannabis is directly related to low cognitive functioning. People who use drugs, there are the memory lapses and the low level of self-control. In short, Smoking marijuana has also been associated with deficits of memory and perception.

But, as noted by scholars, the use of alcohol was not associated with violations of these cognitive functions. This means that cannabis may have more long term effects than alcohol.

The doctors reported how much sugar can you eat per day

The team of scientists also proved that the boys and men who use drugs are more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment of the brain than girls and women. So this study will help to identify risk groups among young people and increase their awareness about the dangerous effect of cannabis on cognitive health.

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