Alcohol is Holy water: in South Africa, the Church came “drinking”

In Johannesburg the local black priest, Ziezi, Makiti founded a new Church ostensibly of the Christian persuasion. The motto of the new Church was the phrase, “Pray the Lord and pass the glass”.

This Church is called Gabala, which translated from the local language translates as “drinking”. The popularity of this Church is staggering — new members appear every day. But the fact is that the Church Gabola not only prohibits the drinking of alcoholic drinks during the service, but even encourages it, according to the Realist.

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Service consumption of beer, whiskey and any drink held in a local tavern from 11 am to three PM. According to the self-proclaimed Bishop of this Church, Ziezi, Makati, people who drink beer and be baptized, happier and more peaceful, unlike the others. Interestingly, Ziari founded his Church Gabala just two months ago, and she already has 500 members and more than 2000 people decided to be baptized in this Church.

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“Women are not yet permitted, because men drink here can happen the situation, when they start to cause the ladies concern. We allow women to come later, when our congregation will be well prepared,” says the self-proclaimed Bishop.

It is noted that the baptism in the Church you can take your favorite alcoholic beverage.

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