Albert of Monaco has decided | Charlene away from the Palace

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Albert of Monaco has decided | Charlene away from the Palace

Albert of Monaco must get used to the presence at the Rocca of his wife Charlene, who remained away for a long time for health reasons. But what exactly did he establish about his consort?

Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock- Political24

On Saturday 13 November the spotlight in Dubai was on Albert of Monaco who participated in the day that the Expo had decided to dedicate to the Principality, with the inauguration of its pavilion. Flanking the monarch was his sister Stephanie with her two children, but it was Charlene who was missing and everyone noticed.

It was believed that the Olympic champion would attend this important event, but things turned out differently and her husband he had to point out that they make these decisions at the last minute. In any case, why are we talking about the princess far from the Palace? What happened?

Albert of Monaco and the final choice regarding his wife

Just a few days ago Charlene Wittstock returned home with great fanfare after an absence of 10 months, her stay in South Africa lasted so long as her delicate health conditions did not allow her to travel. Throughout that period, her husband Albert of Monaco not only had to take care of the children left without their mother, but also dispelled the persistent rumors of crisis that, in reality, had been circulating since his marriage to the beautiful South African.

Due to the momentary and protracted distance between the spouses, the rumors concerning alleged conflicts between them had become so sour that a definitive clarification on his part was necessary. But what decision is it about the mother of her children?

The children are enthusiastic, however …

According to what Charlene’s sister-in-law Chantell revealed to the Daily Mail, the wife of Albert of Monaco, on his celebrated return from the Palace, she would not have gone to stay at the palace with her husband and twin children, but would have settled in a modest two-room apartment located above the chocolate shop, just 300 meters from the main residence, but outside the walls.

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The talented swimmer would live there alone and indeed, it seems that she lived there even before the trip to her native country. Chantell also added that the relative, in the future, could simply commute between her house and the royal residence and that for the moment it is better not to be too close to the princess since she has just returned and everyone has to settle in. Of course the kids are thrilled to have their mom back again.

Albert of Monaco has decided | Charlene away from the Palace

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