Albert Einstein Museum to be opened in Jerusalem

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 Albert Einstein museum to be created in Jerusalem

On Sunday 10/23/2022, the government approved the initiative of the Minister of Construction and the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs to establish the Albert Einstein Museum in Jerusalem on the premises of the Hebrew University. After the government decided to establish the Einstein Museum, Minister Zeev Elkin visited the university on the occasion of the opening of the academic year, including the personal archive of Albert Einstein, kept at the university, which will become the basis for the future museum.

The decision to establish the museum, taken at the weekly cabinet meeting, includes the construction of a unique building on the Hebrew University's Givat Ram campus that will house Einstein's complete archive. The archive will be available to the public, including in digital form, and will become an innovative complex for scientific and technical education.

Visitors will be able to visit Einstein's restored personal library, enter his restored study, and even view original documents from the great scientist's archive. The project leaders expect that the Albert Einstein House will attract many tourists and give impetus to the development of a government and academic complex in the center of Jerusalem.

After the government's decision was made, Minister Elkin visited the Hebrew University, accompanied by Professor Asher Cohen, the university's president. During the visit, the minister visited the School of Computer Science and listened to the report of the Dean, Professor Sarah Cohen, on the development of computer science studies at the university in recent years, and on the annual increase in the number of students, thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Cultural Heritage.

After that, the Minister visited the Einstein Archive, where Einstein's manuscripts and letters are stored, including the original manuscript of an article on the theory of relativity, the original Nobel Prize certificate, Einstein's personal library and other exhibits of the future museum.
The government and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem were 65 million shekels have been allocated for the construction of a new museum.

Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage Ze'ev Elkin: “For me, as a graduate of the Hebrew University and a former lecturer, every visit to the university is exciting. But today, against the background of the beginning of the school year and the decision to create the Einstein Museum, I feel special emotions. The Hebrew University is the flagship of higher education in Israel, and in many ways also the flagship of Jerusalem. Therefore, at the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, it is clear to us that investing in the university is a strategic investment in the future of the city, and we will continue to invest in its development. The creation of the Albert Einstein House and the determination of a permanent place for storing his complete archive will strengthen the status of the Israeli Academy in general and the Hebrew University in particular in the international arena, strengthen the international status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and attract tens of thousands of tourists to the unique museum. I thank my partners in the government and the university for this special project, and as an alumnus and former teacher of the Hebrew University, I wish great success to the hundreds of thousands of students who started their studies at the academy today.

Photo: Igor Farberov

 A museum will be created in Jerusalem Albert Einstein

 Albert Einstein museum to be created in Jerusalem

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