Alarming WHO findings on the Omicron strain

WHO's alarming findings on Omicron strain

The Omicron coronavirus strain is transmitted faster than earlier COVID-19 variants such as Delta, and also reduces the effectiveness of the vaccine.

To this conclusion came to the World Health Organization.

According to health experts, however, the new strain causes less severe symptoms than Delta.

The WHO noted that as on December 9, Omicron has already spread in 63 countries of the world. It was transmitted fastest in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

“Current evidence suggests that Omicron is causing a decrease in vaccine efficacy. It is likely that he will overtake Delta and become dominant '', & ndash; warned in the organization.

It is noted that so far Omicron has caused “ lungs '' or asymptomatic cases of the disease. However, there is still insufficient data to establish how dangerous this variant of coronavirus is from a clinical point of view.

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