Alarm sirens sound throughout Israel

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 Alarm sirens will sound throughout Israel

The Israel Defense Forces will conduct emergency preparedness exercises this week in various cities across the country. It is reported by the Logistics Service. Tonight, at 19:05, the potential terrorist infiltration alarm will go off in the Oranit settlement. Tomorrow, at 10:05 am, an earthquake alarm will sound in Beit Shean, and at 10:15 am, an incoming missile alert will sound in the village of Beit Jann. On Wednesday at 10:05 am, the sirens will sound again in Oranit, this time with an earthquake warning. At 10:15 there will also be earthquake warnings in the city of Arad in the Negev, and at 10:25 in Haifa. On Thursday, at 10:35, rocket alarm sirens will sound in the northern city of Kisra Sumey. In the event of a real threat, the warnings will work twice.

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