Alarie-Tardif, who hung up his shoulder pads

Alarie-Tardif accroche ses épaulettes

Ignored in the most recent draft of the canadian football League, the Chicoutimien Vincent Alarie-Tardif has decided to hang up his shoulder pads.

“This is my retirement. Honestly, I’m ok with that. I gave everything in the last few years, ” said the former holder of the ball of the Red and Gold of the University Laval, who participated in the week-end at camp spring another of his former teams, the Cougars of the Cegep of Chicoutimi.

Over the past year, Vincent Alarie-Tardif, who started her business, Painting, Econo Pro, with two friends, Olivier Marcotte, and Michael Tremblay. A second division of the roof has been added recently.

“If I left, I was leaving the next week “, he adds, confident that even if he had been drafted, it would have been difficult to leave so quickly.

“I have not pushed things to be auctioned off. I didn’t have an agent. The injuries have also made the decision easier, ” agrees Vincent Alarie-Tardif. The rusher had suffered a major knee injury in the university ranks.

“It’s been fifteen years that I play. I have all the time been a player physical. It ends up that the shoulders, the knees, the ankles, it is more hard. I am very proud of what I have accomplished. I am very happy with my career. I would do it again and I would do the same thing “, to announce Vincent Alarie-Tardif, who has won the Vanier cup in 2016, his memory is most precious.

Alarie-Tardif accroche ses épaulettes

Shayne Gauthier hopes to be able to play a first full season without injury with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Photo The Daily, Rocket Lavoie

Gauthier seeks health
First of all, for the season that is approaching, the linebacker of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Shayne Gauthier hopes to stay healthy. The Dolmissois, also a former Red and Gold, has not been spared by injuries during his first two professional seasons. During his first training camp, he had suffered a breakdown at the ischio-tibialis, which has made him miss 12 weeks of action. Last year, he tore a meniscus so harmless walking before the start of the season, which delayed his entry into the scene of six weeks.

“We want it to stop these aches and pains and that I am able to play a real season at the height of my expectations,” insists the athlete of 26 years who has made ten tackles last year on special units. However, it has not yet been used by coaches in defensive.

“My role is more focused on the special units, but I’m still working based on that one day, I’ll have my chance to play defensive. While I’m there, I focus on that, and I take pride of doing that, ” said Shayne Gauthier who will be heading to Winnipeg on Wednesday in the car.

Alarie-Tardif accroche ses épaulettes

Jean-Simon Guilbert has been named rookie of the year in the Green and Gold of Sherbrooke University last season.

Photo The Daily, Rocket Lavoie

Guilbert impresses in Sherbrooke
After having worn the colors of the Cougars, the Chicoutimien Jean-Simon Guilbert has made his name in his first season with the Green and Gold of the University of Sherbrooke in the last year. The marauder on the side fort has not only played all the parts, but he has also been named rookie by excellence at the gala in the end of the season.

“Me going there, I didn’t even play a match. From the first meeting, I was dressed and I even played half a full. I had an active role in special units throughout the year and I got defensive when you had need of me. It has really exceeded my expectations “, emphasized Jean-Simon Guilbert, which aims to establish itself as a consequently, in his second season.

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