Al-Mayadeen: Hamas ready for prisoner exchange with Israel

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 "Al-Mayadin": Hamas is ready to exchange prisoners with Israel

The Al-Mayadeen website, linked to Hezbollah, reports that Hamas has communicated to mediators that it is ready to carry out

The Maariv newspaper writes about this.

As stated, Hamas is ready to exchange Israeli captive Hisham al-Sayed for sick Palestinians who are in Israeli prisons.

Earlier, Hamas released a video of al-Sayyed showing him on a ventilator. The terrorist group said the prisoner's condition had “deteriorated”.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet reacted to the video of the Israeli prisoner and said: “Distributing a video of a sick person is a disgusting and desperate act. The State of Israel holds Hamas responsible for the health of the captured civilians.

Hisham al-Sayed, suffering from mental illness, went to Gaza in 2015 and has been there ever since. In addition, Hamas is holding Aver Mangista and the bodies of two IDF soldiers, Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin.

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