Al-Jazeera: The bullet that killed a journalist in Jenin was used by the IDF

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 Al-Jazeera: Bullet that killed Jenin journalist used by IDF

Al-Jazeera published a description of the bullet that killed journalist Shirin Abu Akle in Jenin. According to the report, we are talking about a 5.56 mm bullet fired from an M4 rifle. It is claimed that “for the first time it was designed and manufactured” in the United States. According to Jordanian Major General Fayez al-Dwairi, such bullets are allegedly used by the Israeli military. She is able to pierce armor. The journalist was wearing a blue helmet and a bulletproof vest with the inscription “Press”. The bullet is said to have penetrated the helmet, entered the head and ricocheted off the inside of the protective gear. Earlier, the IDF said that the Palestinian side has not yet provided a bullet and refuses to conduct a joint investigation.

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