AI will help older people stay independent longer

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 AI will help older people stay independent longer

The eHealth Productivity and Innovation Program in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, EPIC has partnered with technology company Sentai to create a digital companion for seniors and their loved ones. This technology allows seniors to stay independent for longer.

Assistive AI will provide seniors with conversational advice and reminders, informing them of the various tasks that need to be done, including taking their medications. The AI ​​will also send all updates to loved ones so they know if their elderly relative's daily routine is going as expected.

Phil Marshman, founder of Sentai, says: “Age-tech has huge potential to both support, as well as for medical care. Because it's designed specifically for seniors, it can really help them stay independent longer in their own home. Finding ways to care for them in the face of a shortage of places in nursing homes is paramount”.

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