Ahmed Tibi prevented the arrest of the flag offender

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 Ahmed Tibi prevented flag abuser from being arrested

Mass riots have taken place in Beit Hanina in recent days. On May 12, the police detained one of the rioters who desecrated the Israeli flag.

At the time of the arrest, deputy Ahmed Tibi arrived at the scene and prevented the arrest, using his parliamentary immunity. Taking advantage of this, the suspect fled.

Police said they were “very seriously” refers to what happened and that “any other citizen who does not have parliamentary immunity would be arrested immediately.” 5Etfw[/embed]

The Knesset Speaker's office says it is “looking” materials filed against Tibi.

The Joint Arab List released a statement saying: “This is about the provocative presence of the police near the church. The police beat and tried to arrest the grieving young people.

Deputy Itamar Ben-Gvir demanded that legal adviser Gali Baarav-Miar launch an immediate investigation against Tibi on suspicion of “attacking police officers and helping a detainee escape” .

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