Agreement on the reform of the humanities in schools: details

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 Agreement on Humanities Reform in Schools: Details

Minister of Education Yifat Shasha-Biton and head of the Teachers' Organization Ran Erez agreed to implement a reform of the teaching of the humanities. The press service of the Ministry of Education shares the details. The reform consolidates and protects the status of the humanities, the status of teachers of these disciplines, as well as the number of hours of teaching the humanities. Erez noted that as a result of the agreement reached, he would not resort to sanctions, and the state of conflict was cancelled. According to the Ministry of Education, the reform is designed to strengthen the humanities, improve the exam system, while protecting working conditions and teachers' salaries. It will ensure the introduction of innovations in the educational system, provide children with the skills necessary in the modern world, including the ability to ask questions, explore, collect information, structure it in writing and present it orally. We are talking about creative thinking, including the ability to analyze and reason, combine texts, work in a team, as well as multidisciplinary learning. New teaching methods will affect the entire system. Graduates of the education system will receive quality education, and the acquired knowledge and skills will continue to serve them in higher education, in the labor market and at all stages of life. “In accordance with the agreements reached between the Ministry of Education and the Organization of Teachers, not only students benefit, but also teachers who will receive remuneration for the implementation of the reform,” the statement said. It is clarified that thanks to the reform in the secondary education system, a new position of the coordinator of the humanities is being introduced, who will be allocated two additional hours per week to perform duties and an allowance in accordance with the rate of the discipline coordinator. Humanities teachers will receive laptops to help them transition to innovative teaching. The parties are in talks with the Treasury to reach agreements on remaining contentious topics, including moving to a five-day school week, as the minister proposes, to start the school year on time in middle and high school.

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