Age is no obstacle: the 58-year-old Sharon stone struck toned figure in a bikini

Hollywood actress Sharon stone, which this year marks 58 years old, looks much younger than his age.

Вік не перешкода: 58-річна Шерон Стоун вразила підтягнутою фігурою в бікіні

This can be seen in the picture, the star of “Basic instinct” published in Instagram.

In the photo Sharon is reflected in the pool in a black-and-white bikini, which emphasized slender figure of the actress.

The stone is still in amazing shape and, according to fans, can compete with younger Actresses.

“It’s so hot!” — signed frame stone. Members Sharon was fascinated by the figure of the celebrity and crumbled in front of her compliments.

“Fine,” “You look the same as in the days of “Basic instinct”, “you are not greater than 25”, “Hope in 50 years I look no worse than you”, “Your form is always perfect”, “still one of the most beautiful women on Earth”, “I can’t believe my eyes”, “great smile,” wrote they.

Among fans of Sharon male, there were also those who immediately offered the star his hand and heart. However, the actress decided not to reply to the comments.

Вік не перешкода: 58-річна Шерон Стоун вразила підтягнутою фігурою в бікіні

Sharon stone is one of those celebrities who did not shy about his age. The actress often posts Instagram photos without makeup and appears in public places without makeup, what causes rave reviews from the fans.

Earlier in the interview, stone admitted that feels comfortable in your body and is not afraid of competition from young starlets, because she quite often invited to the movies. Proof — numerous projects involving the stars. So, in may of this year, Sharon said he will play a small role in the new film, created by comic book Marvel. The woman did not specify its name, because signed a confidentiality agreement. And scheduled for 2016 premiere of several paintings in which the stone will play a major role.

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As for how a celebrity keeps himself in great shape, the secret of the stone is simple: a healthy diet and Pilates, which the actress engages in every day. Sharon also told reporters that many years adheres to a fractional power and trying to eat less carbs and fats, replacing them with vegetables, fruits and protein foods.

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