Against the backdrop of threats from Hezbollah: the north of Israel is preparing for rocket attacks

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 Against the backdrop of threats from Hezbollah: northern Israel prepares for rocket attacks

Faced with threats from Hezbollah, new bomb shelters have been actively built in northern Israel. This was announced on Tuesday, June 28, by the Ministry of Defense of the country. According to the agency, work has begun to strengthen dozens of houses near the border with Lebanon, which may be under rocket fire. The plan for building bomb shelters was called the “Shield of the North”. Officially, planning and construction started in October last year to the northeast of Kiryat Shmona. It is expected that dozens of bomb shelters will appear in the houses of the city of Shlomi, built in the 70s, in the coming months. The Ministry of Defense stressed that at the stage of architectural planning of bomb shelters – about 1,000 houses in the north of the country. The Ministry intends to implement its plan in 21 cities.

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