Against Google will start an antitrust investigation

Против Google начнут антимонопольное расследование

For that in 2017 Google paid 2.7 billion dollars.

The U.S. Department of justice began to prepare an antitrust investigation against Google, owner of Google search engine.

Previously, Google has faced antitrust authorities in other countries. In 2010, the European Commission has accused Google of bias ranking of search results associated with advertising and shopping.

In 2016, the European Commission declared illegal some practices in the work of the Android mobile operating system. Google agreed to pay a 5.1 billion dollars.

The company’s revenues for the Alphabet 2018 reached 136,8 billion.

The message about the investigation appeared on the background of acute socio-political discussion in the US about the possibility of hacking the data of tech giants, The Wall Street Journal writes.

In particular, one of the main predvybornyi promises of a presidential candidate, democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, to step up pressure on technology companies like Google.

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Previously head of Twitter and Facebook appeared at the hearings in Congress on the issues of personal data collection and propaganda, which allegedly could affect the outcome of the presidential elections in 2016.

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