Afula: Babysitter hosted a drug party with a baby

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 Afula: Babysitter had a drug party with a baby

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Police closed the case following a complaint from an Afula resident who discovered that a girl who came to her house and looked after her baby son invited friends over and used drugs in front of him. The girl herself recorded such entertainment – and published videos on social networks.

“My son was subjected to mental and emotional abuse – it's just pure evil,” the mother wrote on her Facebook page. Only after the family's lawyer filed an appeal did the police decide to reopen the investigation.

The videos were circulated on social media and found their way to the same woman who had invited the girl, so she found out about the incident and hurried to file a complaint with Afula police.

The mother wrote that the girls abused her son mentally, emotionally and even physically: “The girl filmed videos and sent them out to groups.”

Video and evidence were delivered to the investigators and, despite this, the police recently decided to close the case and remove the suspicions from the babysitter. This decision has outraged the family members of the baby, who demand that the girl who, according to them, inflicted serious injuries on the baby, be held accountable. The family has decided to appeal the decision to close the case.

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