After the hype in the social media tour of the Russian group vorovayki in Ukrainian cities abolished

После шумихи в соцсетях тур российской группы  Воровайки  по украинским городам отменили

After the hype in the social media tour of the Russian group “vorovayki” on the Ukrainian cities abolished
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On the website distributors of the announcement about the performance in Kiev and Odessa is no more.

Tour group of Russian chanson “vorovayki”, the repertoire of which is anti-Ukrainian songs in Ukraine is cancelled. This writes with reference to the words of the Director of the concert hall “Youth” in Nikolaev of Oleg Koshevogo.

– On the morning of December 5 concert in Nikolaev the group “vorovayki” cancelled. I was called personally by the representatives of the Ministry of culture, asked to pay attention to this scandalous group. I personally their music was not familiar but yesterday saw what they sing and call the organizers of Odessa, and the concert was canceled, – said Mishka.

Also at the moment, released a statement the International center of culture and arts “October Palace” in Kiev, which States that the concert of Russian artists in the capital of Ukraine will not.

– In connection with media reports about the concert of the group “vorovayki” ICCC Zhovtnevyi Palace to announce: To the address of the letter was sent about the event, but Zhovtnevyi Palace has not signed the agreement – said in a statement.

What a band

“Vorovayki” famous hit “Hop, musorok” and other “thieves” songs. Outrage in social networks called the song “the Ukrainians”. It has the following lines:

As it turned out, that the Ukrainians are arrogant
And Americans for pennies to sell?
Thought to help, give money to Europe.
Was — fufel. Pei-walk bosota!

Chicken — not a bird, Ukrainians — not abroad.
Crimea now nights Poroshenko dream.
Chicken — not a bird, Ukrainians — not abroad,
Let them sing and dance, umtsa-of lamza-the go-go.

Sevastopol is nice, the cradle for the Navy.
Defended the city soldiers bosota.
Courage enough for us, enough interest,
If necessary, take Odessa.

In addition, according to users of social networks, the group performed in “DNR” and “LNR”. Among the previously announced Ukrainian cities were Odessa (February 9), Kharkiv (10 Feb), Kiev (11 Feb) and Nikolaev (14 February).


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