After the divorce: Kharlamov forced Asmus to live together

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 After the divorce: Kharlamov forced Asmus to live together

The Russian public is watching the Asmus and Kharlamov family squabbles. As it turned out, after the divorce, the ex-spouses continue to live in the same house…
The showman and the actress admitted that they never left. According to Kristina, Garik threatens to forbid leaving the house.

“Yes, the three of us have been living all this time, but it's not normal to live like this! A child should see happy parents. Please don't slander about full provision, we both know that's not true. In addition to the communal apartment, which I proposed to divide in half, you have nothing to show me, & mdash; Asmus said.

The strangest thing is that Garik's mother is also registered in the mansion. By the way, she intervened in the conflict, of course, taking the side of her son. “Christina, for the first time in 10 years I allow myself to comment on you, but only because the limit has already come. Or rather, chaos. You write that you need „to master a sense of tact and honesty“… It's good that you are thinking about the true meaning of the word “honesty“, but with regards to tact… Maybe it was easier to discuss all these moments at home, and not for the whole world?! Yes Yes! In that beautiful and cozy house in which we all live together, with Nastya. By the way, the child has housing and more than one, provided by a loving dad— note for subscribers»,— a woman spoke out on social networks.

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