After the death of his mother, the son continued to withdraw her pension

 After the death of his mother, the son continued to withdraw her pension

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A 58-year-old resident of Tirat Carmel tried to deceive Bituah Leumi. After his mother's death, he received over NIS 700,000 from social security benefits and was arrested.

In 2017, the mother of a 58-year-old resident of Tirat Carmel died. By some mistake, she continued to accrue a pension. And her son was in no hurry to report this, because he was cashing this money. For five years, the man, in fact, robbed the state. The total damage amounted to about NIS 730,000.

The Social Security Service reported the incident to the police, and the police, in turn, launched an undercover investigation last month.

The undercover investigation included a number of measures such as the collection of numerous testimonies, camera scans and the use of advanced technological tools. Last weekend officers of the Tirat-Karmel police station arrested the suspect and took him to the police station for interrogation. The man was subsequently released under restrictive conditions. The investigation is ongoing.

Meir Spigler, director general of the National Insurance Institute (Bituah Leumi), says: “In order to eradicate such phenomena, a national system of supervision and control, including data crossing, is being activated. We are taking all measures and using all the tools at our disposal to stop such damage to the state”.

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