After Israel's Surrender: Hunger Strike Is a Weapon for Palestinians

After Israel's surrender: Hunger strike is a weapon of Palestinians

Observer for Israeli TV Channel 13 on Arab Affairs, Tzvi Iehezkeli, commented on the effect of the release of the Islamic Jihad terrorist Hisham Abu Hawish after a prolonged hunger strike.

Yehezkeli said, “ This is an old weapon – but the results are completely new. The Islamic Jihad has threatened to fire two rockets at Tel Aviv if the terrorist dies. Therefore, Israel decided to break this chain and release him. It is about a person who was in administrative detention. He was not tried. This is one of the greatest image victories for the Palestinians. As a reminder, previously another prisoner, Mikdad Kasmi, was able to “ bend '' Israel was liberated too. ”

Yehezkeli told the statistics about Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons. Currently, there are 4,600 terrorists in Israel. some of them were sentenced to 40-50 life sentences. 500 terrorists – in the status of administratively detained. Over the past year, 195 protest hunger strikes have been organized. The Palestinian Authority pays most of the terrorists a salary of up to 12,000 shekels a month.

Yehezkeli stressed: β€œThe Palestinians are using non-democratic organizations against democracy. They managed to get Israel to make concessions – and this precedent will still cost us dearly. There is one prisoner. who, with the help of a hunger strike and the threat of missiles from Gaza, achieved his goal. And what is Abu Mazen doing? – Picks up the phone and calls him. He says, “ He is the son of our people. His victory is our victory. He was released and Palestine will be released. There will be, inshallah, the state of Palestine with the capital in Jerusalem. Thanks to Hisham for his heroism and for his victory. ” The problem of prisoners will soon become one of the most central in our relations with the Palestinians. ”

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