After accusation of cheating, the most talked about chess player in the world goes to Israel

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 World's most talked about chess player goes to Israel after being accused of cheating

In less than a month Jerusalem will host the World Chess Championship – and this week the compositions of all 12 teams that will take part in the prestigious competition have been finally determined.

The best chess players in the world have announced their arrival in Israel, and one of the leading players is the American Hans Niemann hit all the headlines and is rightfully considered “the most talked about chess player in the world”.

The 19-year-old American Nieman, one of the best chess players in the world, recently fought world champion Magnus Carlsen, and not on the chessboard. Nieman filed a $100 million lawsuit against Carlsen and his entourage, claiming that the charges brought against him according to which Nieman made his way to the top of the chess world through cheating, ruined his career.

The battle between the American Niemann and the Norwegian Carlsen has been rocking the chess world since September 4, when Nieman recorded a surprise victory over the Norwegian, who has the highest fitness meter ever, at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis. Carlsen, considered by many to be the greatest chess player in history, along with the legendary Garry Kasparov, entered that match with a 53-game unbeaten streak, and after the match claimed that Niemann had beaten him thanks to cheating. Two weeks after this defeat, they met again, this time in an online competition, but Carlsen interrupted the game with just one move.

Nieman will be one of five players that the United States, the reigning world champion, will send to compete in Jerusalem.

Shahir Mammadov and Taimur Radjabov will fly to Israel with the Uzbek team, which recently won the Chess Olympiad in India.

The Dutchman Anse Giri will also be one of the brightest names in the championship and number one in the Dutch team. He achieved his grandmaster title (the highest in the world of chess) at the age of just 14 and has represented the Netherlands in three Chess Olympiads in the past.

One of the pleasant surprises is the arrival of the Chinese team, which has recently sent almost no delegations to international competitions due to another outbreak of coronavirus in the country. Despite this, she accepted the invitation and will come to Israel, but in a limited number.

In addition, Ukraine will come to Israel thanks to the financial contribution of Moshe Shalu, Israel's representative in the World Chess Federation.
< br /> Israel will field a talented team that will include four players from the Beer Sheva Chess Club: Maxim Rodshtein, Tamir Nabatai, Evgeny Postni and Uri Kobo. Avital Borochovsky from Hapoel Kfar Saba will complete the squad and Ilya Samirin from the Ashdod club. The team captain will be Ilana David, and the coach — Rabbi Michael Ruiz.

In addition to Israel, countries from four different continents will take part in the championship: Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, India, China, Spain, France, Ukraine, Holland, Poland, South Africa and the USA.

The championship will be held from November 19 to 26 in Jerusalem with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, headed by Minister Healy Trooper and Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Housing Zeev Elkin.

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