After 19 years of marriage the most beautiful Ukrainian pair: details, photos

Спустя 19 лет брака распалась самая красивая украинская пара: подробности, фото

In the network appeared the information that the trainers popular in Ukraine of the TV show divorced

Popular Belarusian athlete Vyacheslav Uzelkov and his wife, the leading Marina Uzelkov got divorced, the trainers of the project, “she zvazheni schaslivi” has not yet officially commented on the situation. On this edition of Сlutch said an anonymous source.

Спустя 19 лет брака распалась самая красивая украинская пара: подробности, фото

In a press-service of the TV channel where I work Uzelkove STB and the situation has not yet commented. There I information is not confirmed nor denied.

Presumably, the channel is preparing an official statement in the near future.

It is known that Uzelkove married for 19 years. They are also both on the contract at the STB – joint.

Спустя 19 лет брака распалась самая красивая украинская пара: подробности, фото

We will remind, Tina received the award for contribution to the development of Ukrainian show business.

Popular Ukrainian singer Tina Karol became the musical producer of the prestigious music award M1 Music Awards.

The day before she received the first prize of the national musical prize. So the artist became the winner of the special prize, which is awarded for contribution to development of Ukrainian show business.

It is known that when receiving the award, He was so deeply moved that they were unable to hold back the tears. The singer cried on stage, receiving the first award M1 Music Awards.

Also Tina said touching emotional speech.

“I’m worried, of course. It is a great responsibility. Once I was watching the M1 and only dreamed that someday I’ll be on the air. This award I would give Nicholas Bagraev, which makes such an incredible show and many years developing the Ukrainian show-business,” said Tina.

Спустя 19 лет брака распалась самая красивая украинская пара: подробности, фото

Carol thanked her mother, God, your fan club. And admitted that the tears just roll themselves when she remembers her late husband, Eugene Ogira:

“Thank you, Genia,” said Tina with tears in her eyes.

The singer has expressed the wish that the award was received by new artists every year.

We will remind, recently on the page of the fan club of the actress in the social network has a teaser of her new song.

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol continues to delight fans and to shock the public revealing outfits.

It is known that the singer is preparing to release a new song, the premiere of which is scheduled for November 29.

The official fan group of artist has a teaser of her new song called “You’re the only one who forces me tame”.

The network posted a clip of a song and the words of the song can be heard in small published fragment of the song:

“Premiere this Thursday,” reads the message.

So a few days ago, He surprised fans with a new picture in a candid way.

The singer has published in his Instagram a new photo, where she appeared in a very indiscreet manner. Black-and-white photo, the singer is in a black dress with geeky neckline, perfectly accentuating her ample Breasts.

“The beauty of the woman in her moment having caught, try never to let go,” wrote Carol in the caption to the photo.

In the comments of the fans of the singer appreciated her new look. However, there were those who the seemed too blatant.

“The ethereal woman”, “very, very, Very, eyes, Oh those eyes)) You are very beautiful and melodious”, “bust Well.. I’ve been looking at these vinetki”, “And cans is also good, Just the Goddess)”, “can’t find the words to describe how you are smart”, “the passion, Oh my God,” write the people.

As previously fans of the actress learned that Carol was a relative of the famous Ukrainian actress. In an interview with Katya Osadchaya the singer told how intermarried with Irma Vitovskaya.

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