Afraid to kill too many terrorists: IDF does not use combat drones

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 Fear of killing too many terrorists: IDF does not use combat drones

The reason why the IDF still does not use combat drones in Judea and Samaria is the fear of “too much damage”; – As a result of one attack, 10-15 militants can be killed, Doron Kadosh, a military correspondent of radio Galei Tsakhal, reports.

During drone attacks, buildings can be damaged and even collapse, which will lead to damage population. Such an attack could further escalate the situation, so in assessing the situation last night, the Central Command decided to use this potential carefully.

At this stage, according to the IDF, we have not yet reached the stage of targeted air strikes , and ground operations ”are extremely efficient”. Preparations are underway for the use of drones as part of the “pressure” procedure (shelling a house from the air) or air strikes against armed people in exceptional cases. The use of drones is not ruled out even on the line of contact between Israel and the PA.

Despite the activity in Jenin, the sector that most worries the security service is Shechem. It is there that the danger of terrorist attacks is greatest, and it is there that pressure is put on the PA's security apparatus to increase its activity. Palestinians are being warned: if you don't expand your activities in Nablus soon, the IDF will.

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