Aerobatics: what Ukrainian startups have conquered the world

With pride we offer you to learn a few Ukrainian projects, which were recognized by the whole world.

Высший пилотаж: какие украинские стартапы покорили мир

No wonder they say that the self comes to the body so it is with the Ukrainian projects, which not only began to demand among its own, but also reached a higher level. Some startups have already been recognized by other countries and actively sold on world markets.

Recently, two Ukrainian projects from Riot Division and HURU has collected a significant amount on Kickstarter, which was enough to start the projects. Riot Division presented the draft — jacket-transformer, a HURU backpack.

Let’s see what the new Ukrainian manufacturers, and they were able to conquer the whole world.


The camera for instant pictures made from recycled paper. The founders said that they need 15 thousand dollars to start the project, but they were lucky as at the end were collected 377 thousand dollars.

The developers of the Zaporizhia came up with the environmentally friendly camera made from paper. The device looks like a vintage model in the form of an accordion and it has no electronics.

Высший пилотаж: какие украинские стартапы покорили мир


From Kiev decided to knit mega voluminous blankets, sweaters, hats, scarf, blankets and other things made of sheep wool. For crochet, she uses large needles or doing it with their own hands. Its products are exhibited in social networks on personal account pages.

For those who don’t apply things of animal origin girl makes a line of synthetic threads, plus a special line for Pets. Needlewoman collected 204 thousand dollars, instead of the claimed 20 to run the project.

Высший пилотаж: какие украинские стартапы покорили мир


The recorder, which is able to convert audio recordings to typed text. The perfect invention for journalists when there’s no time to decipher the dictated speech. The pendant is very compact and can be attached to clothing, for example, on the collar.

The gadget recognizes 12 languages with a precision of 97%. The incredible development of the Ukrainians, who put up a Kickstarter project for 50 thousand dollars, and finally put together a 302 thousands of U.S. dollars.

Высший пилотаж: какие украинские стартапы покорили мир


One of the biggest Ukrainian projects on Kickstarter, which was originally requested to start production of gadgets for animals 100 thousand dollars, and gathered 221 thousand U.S. dollars.

What is Petcube? It is an electronic cube for Pets, which is able to entertain them, while you’re not home. At that time, while the owners outside of the dwelling, they are unable to watch their Pets, play, interact with them and feed.

Высший пилотаж: какие украинские стартапы покорили мир


The subject, in the form of a blindfold, which you need to wear during sleep. This “smart” bandage that responds to the activity of the human brain, identifies the sleep phases by sending electrical impulses to the brain, which give a man to understand that he was asleep.

Armband gives you the opportunity to control the actions in the dream. The project has collected 87,5 thousand dollars, instead of the claimed 75 thousand.

Высший пилотаж: какие украинские стартапы покорили мир

Back to you my shirt is now more clear about what was discussed. Because of the invention of the Ukrainians are no less foreign and the day will come when we will be able to use their own food, equipment that was invented in our country and other items that we use in everyday life.

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