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In the lottery draw, which took place on Tuesday, April 19, a pensioner from the north of the country won the first prize in the “Double Lotto”: 40 million shekels. A week after the draw, the winner arrived at the headquarters of Mifal hapais. accompanied by family members to receive the winnings.

The woman recently retired and fills the lottery from time to time. “I used to have a set of permanent numbers, but one day my son offered to save time and fill in automatically, and in addition he gave a little advice – fill in the “double lotto”. Since then I have been doing that. I stopped filling it out manually, I use the “lottomat” and participate in the double lottery. I decided that if the Creator sends me good luck, what difference does it make, what numbers are there. But if you win, it's more pleasant to have double the amount.

The winner spoke about how she found out about the win: “On Tuesday evening after the draw, I could not sleep for a long time. I picked up the phone and decided to check the numbers on the Mifal hapais website. Seeing all my numbers, I woke up my husband. He did not understand that I was so excited, and I solemnly uttered the phrase that anyone dreams of saying: “We won the lotto!” And he said to me: “OK, we’ll check in the morning, don’t tell anyone yet.” – and turned over to the other side! He simply did not understand that I meant the main prize, and he certainly did not think about 40 million! But when it became clear what was at stake, no one, of course, could fall asleep. Despite the late hour, we decided to call the children. They were happy and rejoiced with us.
When asked why it took them a week to receive the prize, the winner replied: “It took us a long time to get the fact of winning, it was also worth considering how it would affect our lives. Within a week, my husband and I realized that, despite everything, we are modest people. All our lives we worked hard and adequately supported the family. We have no desire to change anything and somehow stand out. We feel good in the house where we live, it is convenient for us to travel in our car. We are happy and satisfied with what we have. But we decided to invest in the right way to help children and ensure their future and the future of their grandchildren.

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