Advent: what can and can’t eat, basic nutrition rules

Рождественский пост: что можно и что нельзя есть, основные правила питания

From 28 of November there is a Christmas post, which will be over by Christmas

The main task of the post at Christmas – a spiritual cleansing. Therefore, it is very important deliverance of his soul from passions and sinful thoughts.

Also not desirable quarrels and conflicts with family, although in normal times, no one encourages. And, of course, an essential part is prayer. It is much more important than abstinence from food during lent.

Рождественский пост: что можно и что нельзя есть, основные правила питания

However, do not need to follow the post on this great day without regard to their health. The priests say that people who have health problems, to fast partially, with the use prescribed for use by the attending physician products.

In addition, people in old age, as well as those involved in heavy physical labour allowed for a partial fasting. Also, limitations in products do not apply to young children and pregnant women because of their ongoing need for a rich diet.

What to eat on Christmas post?

A list of products the following:

Allowed to eat fruit: apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple, papaya, tangerine, mango and pear. You can also eat vegetables, greens and mushrooms (beans, potatoes, onions , carrots, beets, cabbage, all types of mushrooms). Berry: persimmon, grapes. Also banned nuts (including sunflower seeds), and cereals (rice, oatmeal, buckwheat), bread (biscuits) and honey.

In the even days of the week (Tuesday, Thursday) and weekend (Saturday and Sunday) permitted the use in food of oil, seafood, fish, wine.

In the post allowed the use of salads, and canned vegetables and pickles, soups, stews, casseroles, pies and dumplings. Also allowed raw, pickled, boiled, steamed, baked dishes as well as juices, fruit drinks, jelly and tea. It should be noted the products prohibits the Christmas post. Milk, butter, eggs, cheese, meat, fish and wine (in the odd weekdays).

Рождественский пост: что можно и что нельзя есть, основные правила питания

Alcoholic drinks during fasting is forbidden, but weekends and holidays are not prohibited, a small amount of sacramental wine.

It is also worth remembering that from 2.01 to 5.01 fasting becomes more stringent. And 6 January (Christmas eve), until the first star in the sky, to use any products in food is prohibited.


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