advances 27 and 28 September 2021, episode plot

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advances 27 and 28 September 2021, episode plot

Advances episode of Love storm on air Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 September 2021: Maja manages to photograph Ariane and Erik intent on kissing in the Karwendel hut (and the two don’t notice it). The girl later shows the photo to her father: the latter believes that Erik and Ariane are plotting something against the Saalfelds; At that point Maja would like to warn them, but he doesn’t agree at all.

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Christoph would like to make peace with Selina, but she still needs time.

Florian proposes to Maja to remain exclusively friends and she ends up accepting, albeit reluctantly.

Michael and Rosalie also make peace, but she fears that Ariane will cause him trouble and so lets him know that she is seriously considering withdrawing her candidacy.

Cornelius explains to Maja that he intends to install some sort of spyware on Erik’s pc, in order to trap him when he transfers the Saalfeld money to a secret checking account. However, Maja has already anonymously sent the photo of Erik and Ariane kissing to Werner Saalfeld. The man consequently breaks into the signing of the contract, shows everyone the photo and asks Erik for guidance, who is speechless!

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