Adriano Celentano, the lightning drama faced: “I could no longer speak” – the Democrat

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Adriano Celentano, the lightning drama faced: “I could no longer speak” – the Democrat

Adriano Celentano confessed that he had gone through a dark moment due to an illness that struck a member of his family. Here’s what it is.

Adriano Celentano, has always been considered a multifaceted artist, many of his songs have made millions of couples fall in love and still today manages to capture the new generations with over 200 million records sold.

Adriano Celentano (WebSource)

The singer also proved to have good acting skills, playing various characters inin ben 43 film, making his interpretations such as that of the bus driver Barnabas in Madly in love and that of Elijah in it The Tamed Shrew.

But before becoming the artist we all know, Adriano Celentano he has carried out numerous and humble jobs, including that of a watchmaker.

The man, despite having a good working position, could not hide his passion for music and began to perform in cabaret shows making himself known in all the neighborhoods of his city.

As he himself has said many times, before becoming a singer, he delighted as imitator. The singer had always had the goal of bringing the rock’n’roll genre to Italy which in his day was still unknown to the general public of the Bel Paese.

Influenced by this new musical genre, Celentano, gave rise to the band Rock Boys, which took place in 1956 in the local Still and then continue to Holy button, both in Milan.

In the 60s marries his colleague Claudia Mori. The love between the two is so intense that they are considered The most beautiful couple in the world like the song they sang together in 1967. Nel 1970 they win the Sanremo Festival with Who does not work does not make love, each in its own version.

In the 80s the couple experienced a moment of crisis given by theCelentano’s infatuation with actress Ornella Muti .

Adriano Celentano and his son Giacomo’s illness

Adriano Celentano, the lightning drama faced: “I could no longer speak” – the Democrat

Giacomo Celentano (WebSource)

Adriano Celentano he had a not very happy moment due to an illness that hit his son Giacomo.

In the book of Giacomo Celentano titled The time of Mary, the man confessed that he was suffering from severe depression and eloquently explained how the disease had separated him from his family who found it hard to understand him.

I could no longer speak“- declares the son of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori -“I found myself alone with my illness. Now I am a writer and songwriter, they are gifts that God has given me, it is my duty as a Christian to strengthen them, but I have had many difficulties in promoting what I do “.

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