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The official site is now available. How will this special universe surprise its customers, where high fashion, convenience and functionality are always successfully combined? Adidas sports store is ready to help you!

The largest manufacturer of sportswear is now the second largest and leader in the world. Thanks to high-quality materials, modern design solutions and the main principles of the company, the models of this brand have been occupying a leading position in the market for several years now. The corporation openly expresses its opinion and listens to the opinions of others, welcoming non-standard ideas and approaches; they are always open to new things.

The birth of Adidas began in the 1920s, when the Dassler brothers embodied the idea of ​​sewing shoes, and a couple of years later they opened a shoe factory. In 1949, Adolf created the first boots that made it possible to change rubber studs. This novelty was designed to play in adverse weather conditions.

In 1954, the innovative shoe is a competitor in the World Cup, as the German national team, shod in boots with removable spikes, becomes the winners for the first time. Adolf Dassler was personally present at the match and under his leadership, before each game, the design model was adapted to the ground, which created convenience and comfort for the athletes during football. This helped not only to win in the world of sports, but also increased the popularity of the company. In 1996, adidas became one of the general sponsors of the Olympic Games. Expanding and gaining more and more celebrity, the brand is gaining a foothold in the market.

Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham, Mohammed Ali, Steffi Graf and Stefan Edberg, Joe Fraser, Valery Borzov won in Adidas shoes , Michel Platini and Eusebio, Marat Safin and Vera Zvonareva. Many have signed a contract with the company.

Of course, today the brand is associated not only with shoes. By releasing bold and classic collections, designed for both everyday outfit and sports, the corporation pushes the boundaries, experiments with images. One thing remains the same, the clothes in these stores are always of high quality and specially created from breathable materials. For convenience, comfort and use the main characteristic – elasticity. It is a responsible approach to one's business that helps to create a product that not only successfully competes in the market, but also gives people a thing that will last a long time and give a positive charge of emotions.

In the official store you can find clothes for outdoor activities, running, training, hiking in the mountains. You can conquer the peaks in models from Adidas not only in sports, but also in everyday life. For such images, designers offer a basic wardrobe in the style of three stripes, designed for every day, this is, first of all, convenience in choosing and comfort for the owner.

The signature suit “ AEROREEADY ESSENTIALS 3-STRIPES”. The laid-back look is already loved by buyers. The costume goes well with other wardrobe items. Made from recycled fibres, Primegreen is included. AEROREADY fabric keeps you dry and comfortable all day long.

You can find stylish looks for every day on the official website.

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