Adamari López wore her minimal waist with an ultra-tight dress. “It looks like another”, comment the followers

Adamari López wore her minimal waist with an ultra-tight dress.  “It looks like another”, comment the followers

Adamari López shows off her minimal, bee-shaped waistband when posing with a white dress very tight to the body. The followers assure that it looks like another.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris. / Getty Images

The most iconic driver in recent years in Telemundo is one of the members of the team of presenters of Today, Adamari Lopez, which has managed to turn its lifestyle and figure. Precisely, for taking care of it in a dedicated way and with great constancy, today once again and in the framework of its 50 years, left his followers speechless. They exclaimed: “It seems another”, by showing off his minimal waistband like a bee with a ultra glued white dress.

Adamari’s sensuality has always been present. But lately the same has been in evidence with its impressive weightloss, although he has not said the figure of the pounds that he managed to shed. His enthusiasm and confidence are felt every day. Today he was one of them, presuming that he is achieving a model figure. Her “look” was a dress with buttons at the front and lace that made her wear the waist so tiny that you have developed.

It is not only food, focus and discipline but also science. Adamari herself has shared several tricks that are helping her. One of them are lymphatic drainage massages. They make the body dump the water that accumulates in it and also expel toxins. This helps to eliminate the hated cellulite and of course, fat. Remember that one of the ways to get rid of it is through urine. With these massages this is achieved and above all you can get a figure and waist like that of “La Chaparrita”.

Obviously and as expected, his fans said present in the comments section of the account of Instagram of the Telemundo show: “Never let yourself wear loose clothes again, tight clothes look divine!”, “I congratulate her, I think she is in her best stage, she looks radiant !!”, “Beautiful dress and it looks beautiful on you”, ” This is how they should dress her, showing her new super figure, re pretty ”,“ This is how I will look when I am 50 ”,“ Hold on, Jeniffer Lopez ”and“ But how incredible, it’s another ”.

He is just celebrating his 50th birthday. It was yesterday but, as she promised herself, she will celebrate every day. For this, Telemundo and Hoy Día, have prepared a special program in which Adamari opens up about the miracles she has had in her life. One of them, that of have become a mother and how was that process. The other, as we already know, the battle he had to give to cancer and later to the flu, where he was very close to death.

The important thing is that all of this has managed to get away with it as always. Now not only a new decade is beginning but new figure. The change is radical and it even seems that not only lost weight but it took several years off of him. Congratulations Adamari!

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