Acura has created a racing game challenge

Acura створила гоночну гру, від якої неможливо відірватися

The game has guest levels

Company Acura decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of presence in a video game and released racing game, which gathered the most outstanding models. In game six levels, for completing each player opens a new model.

The basis of the game went advertising the brand, which appeared in the fall of 2019 with the slogan Less Talk, More Drive (“Less talk, more drive”).

In the game a similar story. From an advertising campaign the game borrowed the name of That Beat (“Beat the record”). In total there are six levels, each need to drive the track faster over time. For winning the player opens a new model. Also with each new level, changing graphics and music, becoming more realistic and advanced to show the evolution of video games over the past 30 years.

Acura створила гоночну гру, від якої неможливо відірватися

So, on the first level the player controls a pixel of the Acura NSX and goes 8-bit beach, and at last we need to show the best time in the “cartunes” driving concept Acura Type S. the game Also has Acura Integra Type R RDX A-SPec racing prototype ARX-05 Daytona and new NSX 2020. Moreover, for each machine in the company has prescribed its own unique acceleration, handling and braking.

To try to break records each track and unlock all the cars on the website.

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