Actress Katherine Varchenko: All the stories about coffins, black cats, empty buckets is no justified

Актриса Катерина Варченко: Все истории про гробы, черных кошек, пустые ведра ничем не оправданны

Actress Katherine Varchenko: All the stories about coffins, black cats, empty buckets is no justified
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Photo: TV channel “Ukraine”.

The main heroine of the series “Heirs” admitted that despite the fact that her sample didn’t sign up, it is still approved for this role.

Monday, 2 December at 21.00 on the TV channel “Ukraine” will premiere 16-a serial picture “the Heirs”. The action of the series revolves around the celebration of the jubilee of the head of “chicken Empire” Nikolai Orlov, the friend of his youth Vladimir Sukhov arrived with her daughter Sonja. The holiday ends with a “surprise” – the attempted murder birthday. Now he not only had to figure out who “ordered”, but to resist attempts of relatives and friends to take business and all that he has. One of the main roles in “the Heirs” played by a popular Ukrainian actress Katherine Varchenko.

– Katya, what role you have in this picture?

– My character is Dora, the wife of one of the sons of the chief Orlov. Dasha – a wife and mother… But not all of them there as good as I would like. When I read the script, were pleasantly surprised that each character has development. Believe me, this work all heroes are uncommon. You will be very interesting to see how changing the characters because everything that happens to them.

What, besides the script, is important to you when choosing a project?

– The script is a key. If to speak about the project “the Heirs”, I had a very good sample. Well, at least I think so. However, there was a small curiosity. As I was later told, my sample seems to be not enrolled – whether the was full the memory card on the camera, or ruined. But in the end, I still adopted the role.

I love Mamas Film Production, not for the first time working with them. The team with whom you will spend long time, is important. Plus I wanted to work with Director Dima, Matt, I had such career ambitions and interests. Besides, I’m always interested to meet and communicate with completely new people.

– Are you superstitious? Some actors never, for example, does not lie in the coffin.

– No, I’m absolutely not superstitious. All the stories about coffins, black cats, empty buckets is no justified. Of course, it all depends on what you believe. Someone came up with some stories for convenience or maybe for the laughs, and the others believe, and follow these strange signs.

– Do you have any mandatory cast rituals?

– The main thing – to come to the set and slept in a good mood. I have a small child that can not at night to sleep, but no matter what, you get up, get ready and go to shooting. I can’t tell people on the site – sorry, I didn’t sleep, all cancel.

– Son finds out mom on TV?

My Kristianto three years old, and now he reacts to every little white aunt he sees. (laughs) He’s still pretty young, so mainly watches cartoons on the tablet.

– By the way, do you watch serials?

I prefer foreign series. Watched all seasons of “Black mirror”, “Killing eve”. Try to watch those at the hearing. First, you need to know that as that touches viewers. Secondly, there is a very cool series that should be equal. Watching a good series, you always find something to learn.

– Let’s imagine that you can play any role. What it the role of your dreams?

– I have always loved Joan of Arc. But I understand that I am not her. I do not have the role of my dreams. I just want honestly to play what I propose. Or what I choose. Honesty and quality are the most important.

– With regard to your role. Directors often see you crying heroine. Not hurting is it?

– No, absolutely not offend! Rather, even happy, because I go on different samples. For example, in one project was a prostitute – a drunken woman with a heavy destiny. Eva Strelnikova we had a project, “Mother of my daughter”, where my heroine five years brought not his child and was terribly afraid of losing him. Actually I have a completely different role. And I want to be different!

Speaking from the point of view of appearance, in the acting profession, like it or not, there are types. If you look like lyric blonde, of course, you will be seen initially in the role of a timid and gentle heroines. But again, acting is to bring to the character. After all, a pretty girl inside may be terminal or it can vychudit something absolutely incredible. Therefore, in each role, you need to look for highlights.

Актриса Катерина Варченко: Все истории про гробы, черных кошек, пустые ведра ничем не оправданны

Katerina believes that a pretty girl can vychudit something absolutely incredible. Photo: TV channel “Ukraine”.


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