Actress Brooke Shields admits she survived rape

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 Actress Brooke Shields admits she survived rape

The famous actress Brooke Shields, the star of the film “The Blue Lagoon”, admitted that she was raped in her youth.

The actress made a shocking confession in the documentary “Pretty Baby” ;, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Shields did not name the rapist, but detailed the sexual assault events that took place shortly after she graduated from Princeton College, during a period when she was struggling to find a job. Brooke Shields said that the man soon also came to the room, but was naked. Shields explained that she did not try to escape because I was afraid that it would provoke further physical abuse.

“I was afraid that I would be strangled or something like that. So I didn't fight much. I didn't fight. I just completely froze,” the actress said.

For a long time, the actress did not even perceive what happened as a sexual assault, even when her security specialist Gavin de Becker told her about it.

"He said: "This is rape.

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