Actor Playing Wiji Thukul, Gunawan Maryanto, Dies

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Actor Playing Wiji Thukul, Gunawan Maryanto, Dies

JAKARTA, – Grief strikes again in the Indonesian entertainment world. Actor Gunawan Maryanto passed away on Wednesday (6/9/2021).

The actor, who was known to be active in the Garage Theater Community, died at the age of 45.

The news of his departure was announced through the official Teater Garasi account.

“Please pray for our family, who left first, so quickly, we don’t know what to say. Mas Cindhil, Gunawan Maryanto has left us all. We don’t know what to say,” wrote the @teatergarasi account, Wednesday ( 6/10/2021).

Teater Garasi also asked for prayers and forgiveness for Gunawan Maryanto.

“Please forgive if there are mistakes. Please pray. Please say that this is actually just a theater,” continued the account.

The news of Gunawan Maryanto’s departure was also announced by his colleague, Happy Salma.

Happy Salma uploaded a photo of Gunawan Maryanto on his personal Instagram account.

“Goodbye my good friend, Mas Cindil is clear to you. Heaven is yours,” wrote Happy Salma on the @happysalma account.

For information, Gunawan Maryanto won the title of Best Actor in FFI 2020 through the film The hustle and bustle of the Al-Kisah (The Science of Fictions).

Apart from managing Teater Garasi, he also organizes the Indonesia Dramatic Reading Festival (IDRF) with Joned Suryatmoko every year in various cities.

Gunawan Maryanto has also won the Best Male Leading Actor award at the Usmar Ismail Award for his film titled Rest Words through his role as Wiji Thukul.

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