Actor of “Game of thrones” admitted who came up with the ending of the series

Актер «Игры престолов» признался, кто придумал концовку сериала

Bad news for fans of “Game of thrones”, the remaining dissatisfied with the final show: in a few plot twists answered himself, George Martin, tells the with reference to

In an interview, said the performer of the role of bran stark Isaac Hempstead-Wright.

“David and Dan told me that George Martin had two ideas related to my hero: the origin of the name Hodor and bran ascent to the throne. It was his vision and a really good way to end the story,” said the actor.

If the end of the storyline Hodor liked most of the audience and caused a storm of emotions, the decision to make bran stark king many thought wrong. The fans now have something to worry about, because in the books Martin they may will wait the same final. It is hoped that the writer logically explain all that in the series left unanswered.

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Previously, Wright admitted that he found the script of the final episode drawing creators: “I sincerely believed that it was just a joke, and David Dan sent to all scenarios where their characters sit on the Iron throne. As to bran, I think it will be a good king. Though, because it’s impossible to argue, because he knows everything.”

To ask for comments to the writer useless. In his blog, Martin wrote that the difference between his books and series fans will be able to evaluate only when the “winter Wind” and “dreams of spring” will be appended.

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