Actor Javier Ruán dies at 81 due to a heart attack

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Actor Javier Ruán dies at 81 due to a heart attack

By Newspaper Soon Newsroom

Written in SHOWS the 2021/10/11 · 20:12 hs

This Monday, October 11, the actor died at the age of 81 Javier Rouen due to a heart attack according to a statement released on Twitter. The death occurred at 2:30 p.m.

Born on January 10, 1940 in Michoacán, Ruán had an outstanding artistic career that spanned 60 years. He had participation in television, theater, cinema and radio soap operas. He made his debut at age 17 in melodrama “Anguish of the Past.”

Later she acted in Televisa productions such as Rina, Italian Girl Coming to Get Married, Ana del aire, Corazón Salvaje, Distilling love and Simply Maria, among others.

He also intervened in the Unitarians Mujeres Asesinas, La Rosa de Guadalupe, As the saying goes and Woman, real life cases. In addition to being an actor, Ruán developed as a screenwriter, and wrote the soap operas Dare to forget me and small town, big hell, the latter based on real events of his family. Its protagonist was Verónica Castro, and the character was inspired by the interpreter’s aunt, Leonarda Ruán.

Another of the literary works created by the Michoacan histrion was his autobiography From prodigal son to favorite son, with which he celebrated his 78 years of life.


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